St David’s Units

The Home consists of four units, namely: the new 8 bedded Century Unit, the Main Unit, the John Poland Rehabilitation Unit (named after the Home’s former Chairman of Trustees) and the Lord Mark Unit (also named after the Home’s former Treasurer).

All four units are staffed 24 hours a day with registered nurses who are specialists in their field and health care assistants trained in health and social care, national vocational qualifications level two and three.

Century Unit

The newly built unit is a conversion of our old staff accommodation block, which has been configured into a new eight-bedded unit. The new unit has been named ‘The Century Wing’ in commemoration of the Centenary of the First World War. Features include spacious bedrooms, en-suite facilities and over-head ceiling hoists for ease of movement for residents.

Main Unit

St Thomas, St Joseph and The Ronald Gerard wing make up the forty three bedded main unit. This area caters for people with a range of health, social and physical conditions. The level of support in this area is higher as the residents are more physically frail and therefore more dependent. We also look after people requiring palliative care with support from the local Hospice and the Home’s GPs. The age range in this unit is generally over 65 years but we can cater for younger people should their health needs meet our criteria.

Rehab Unit

The John Poland Rehabilitation Unit consists of seven flatlets, which cater for the needs of disabled people who are being supported in regaining abilities and skills to enable them to re-join the community. The residents in this part of the Home benefit from supported living, coupled with a range of therapies to help them regain independence. The age range in this unit is 18 years upwards.

Lord Mark Unit

The Lord Mark / General Leask wing has 18 beds that cater for people who are more physically disabled. The rooms are large and spacious affording great accessibility for wheelchair users who like to be independent. This area has its own kitchen, dining room and lounge and a training room for staff development.

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