Below are some frequestly asked questions and please contact us directly if your question is not covered below.

Q. How do we secure a room at St David’s?
A. You can arrange a visit to the Home and assuming you wish to proceed and we can meet your needs or those of your loved one, an assessment will be carried out and an admission date agreed.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Please call for an estimate of costs as these will vary according to need and a decision will be made following a full assessment.

Q. How long does admission take?
A. As soon as the assessment has been completed, a date can be set. Often, if the resident is coming from hospital, the discharge can be within 24 hours, though it may take longer

Q.What items can a resident bring into the Home?
A. Small items of furniture or a chair, providing it is fire retardant, pictures and personal items, such as photos.  We do not encourage anything expensive, in case it gets damaged or broken, so items like expensive jewellery should be left with someone outside the home.

Q. Can we decorate the room?
A. The Home is responsible for decorating the room but you can ask for pictures to be put on the walls.

Q. Is visiting restricted?
A. No, but we do ask people to respect the busy periods and meal times. The main gates are closed at 9pm. The pedestrian entrance remains open.

Q. What items do we need to provide?
A. Clothing, which needs to be labelled, toiletries and any personal items.

Q. If we wish to change rooms, would that be possible?
A. Yes, it is possible if another room becomes vacant that you prefer.

Q. Can we keep our own doctor?
A. Yes, providing they are local to the Home and can provide home visits.

Q. Which doctors does the home use?
A. The Home is serviced by GPs from the Florence Road Surgery in Ealing.

Q. Do I need to arrange medication?
A. No, your medication will be arranged by the Home once you have become a resident.

Q. What additional services are offered?
A. We are able to provide physiotherapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, hairdressing,
optician, chiropody and newspapers.

Q. Are there any benefits we can claim?
A. You may be eligible for free nursing care or, depending on health needs, continuing care funding.

Q. If I have a concern, who can I talk to?
A. The Head of Care of the Unit, the Deputy Manager, the General Manager or the Administration Manager.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please call us on

020 3947 5200